Freelance Illustrator and Animator Designer

Website Cenzen

We are seeking a highly skilled and creative Illustrator and Animator Designer to join our team on a project basis. As an Illustrator and Animator Designer, you will be responsible for producing visually stunning and engaging illustrations and animations that effectively convey our clients’ messages and objectives.


  1. Collaborate with clients and project managers to understand their needs, requirements, and project objectives.
  2. Create original, high-quality illustrations and animations using various techniques and tools, including digital drawing tablets, software applications, and traditional art mediums.
  3. Develop concept sketches, storyboards, and visual design layouts to effectively communicate ideas and concepts.
  4. Apply a strong sense of composition, color theory, and visual storytelling principles to create captivating illustrations and animations.
  5. Use your expertise in character design, background art, and visual effects to enhance the overall visual appeal of the projects.
  6. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including graphic designers, video editors, and writers, to ensure seamless integration of illustrations and animations into the final deliverables.
  7. Stay updated on industry trends, techniques, and software advancements to continuously enhance your skills and knowledge.
  8. Manage multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks, and meet project deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  9. Take ownership of projects, from conceptualization to final delivery, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.
  10. Provide creative input and contribute to brainstorming sessions, offering innovative ideas and solutions.

In addition to strong Illustrator skills, an Illustrator and Animator Designer should have a strong portfolio showcasing their design work, as well as excellent communication and time management skills. They should also be able to work well in a team and be able to take constructive feedback.